Mix Moe Ninety Two: Pommes

This may take a while so first make yourself one these:

1 oz Calvados
1 oz French vermouth
1 oz Italian vermouth 
1 dash apricot brandy
Agitate cooly and sieve

Recipe adapted from Esquire Drink Book, 1956 edition. 

Damn! I did that backwards. Likely that drink was precisely what you came here for. Vermouth and more vermouth! I should have saved that drink for the end, oh well... 

If you're still interested in reading something please read my story. 

It's MxMo time time again hosted by our benevolent curator/convenor Fred "Fear The" Yarm. Do you read Cocktail Sleuth? You should. Anyway the theme this time is apples. I thought about cider and then I thought about Jack Barnes and Lady Ashley. So to my bookshelf I went and looked in Philip Greene's book. 

You see, drinking fine a l'eau had been (all too) easy to do while reading The Sun Also Rises. Drinking Spanish wine also (theoretically) easy to do. A Jack Rose though? Hard to come by around here. There is no applejack. Most of the year there is only one brand of calvados but as the holidays approach more brands appear. 

"Why not pick up a bottle?" I asked myself. 

I chose the least expensive calvados available in my city. This may or may not have been wise. On it's own I dislike it; in a cocktail I love it. The mysterious alchemy of cocktails…

Anyway! Although a certain avuncular blogger eschews using calvados in a Jack Rose we needn't worry about that. The Jack Rose is one of those drinks that the cognoscenti ought to be drinking… for some reason. Each time I'd come across it in a blog or what have you I'd be a little sad that I couldn't have one. So, observing the signs, I decided to finally have one. 

The combination of having just (literally) finished reading The Sun Also Rises and noticing the announcement post sealed the deal. I finally added apple Brady to the bar! Yes, I'll turn in my cocktailian card. Can I continue on probation? 

Funny, I expected an answer. Perhaps from a sock puppet. Oh well. On with the show. 

I'm not making the "usual" Jack Rose. No, no. Not even. I'm making the Harry MacElhone one which Philip Greene surmises would have been what Jack Barnes would have been drinking. Besides, it's Paris, in the 1920s. It'd be calvados not applejack! 

Jack Rose
1.5 oz Calvados
0.75 oz dry gin
0.75 oz orange juice
0.75 oz lemon or lime juice
2 tsp French vermouth
2 tsp Italian vermouth
2 tsp grenadine

Shake; strain; twist

Recipe adapted from To Have And Have Another.

If you want mystery and deliciousness use lime. If you want apple, vermouth, and crowd pleasing use lemon. Garnish with an appropriate twist. Hell, garnish with an inappropriate twist! Either way Brett's not going to sleep with Jake. 

Be well! 


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