MxMo: Ecksy Eye: Shim Sham

Our challenge this month is to present a shim. No, not a sham. A shim. Not even a shim sham (Ethiopian or otherwise). A shim. A low alcohol libation. Peruse the announcement post won't you? The only proper shim I've ever made is theRhum Dandy Shim but since being blogged by Fred is like being covered by Killdozer I opted to choose another. 

As much as I wanted to present Art Linkletter's Papaya Cocktail I'll save it for another time. Instead, on the heels of the Bitter Sweet I bring you (no, not the Addington) the:

1/2 dry vermouth
1/2 sweet vermouth 
1 dash grenadine 
1 dash orange bitters 

Stir well with ice. Strain in to a cocktail glass. Garnish with a cherry. Squeeze lemon peel on top. Enjoy in a preprandial manner before, perhaps, chateaubriand… or kale & smelt, or whatever is the fashion in your diocese

There you have it. Well, I think you know how my MxMo entries are going to go for the foreseeable future. 




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