Flipping A Float

Some friends text you and keep you constantly up to date. Other friends you meet for a pint or a coffee and you catch up with stories of the past week or month or what have you. In the Cocktail Blogosphere Fred at Cocktail Virgin Slut is the latter. Instead of the immediacy found in Instagram and twitter Fred tells us what he drank... last week. In this vein I will tell you of what I drank several Thursdays ago...

I was looking for an after dinner cocktail. I chose the Hair Of The Lion. I had all the needed ingredients and having previously not really enjoyed the Lion's Tail I was curious to see how much improved the rum for bourbon swap made the drink. I was not disappointed. Well, not in this regard. I was let down in my desire for a dessert drink. Tasty as the Hair Of The Lion was is was too light and frothy for what I was looking for. Maybe something with an egg yolk? (There was of course an egg yolk waiting patiently in the kitchen.)

I quickly searched CVS and found a drink I'd noted either mentally or browserly (I'm unsure which) when Fred first posted it and I'd been meaning to make it. Did I have all the ingredients to make a Suhm Heering Float?

Old monk? Check!
Cherry Heering? Check!
Mole bitters? Uh, Crème de ... Cacao.
Root beer? Not today!

So basically I turned a float into a flip. Like so:

Suhm Heering Flip
2 oz Cherry Heering
0.5 oz Old Monk
0.5 oz Crème de Cacao
2 dashes Peychaud's bitters
1 egg yolk

Dry shake ingredients. Shake again with ice. Double strain in to a chilled coupe. Garnish with mint sprig.

This is a very rich drink. Definitely a dessert cocktail. Old Monk always makes me think of rum balls and I don't know why that is. The sense memory of rum balls added to the chocolate and the cherry along with the unctuous quality of the egg yolk make for a decadent drink. You can't have too many of these nor can you have them too often. When you do have them though, that's livin!



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