"You Put Your Left Foot In..."

Just the facts:

 Once while in the fortified wine aisle of one LCBO I stumbled upon Wincarnis. Back from Wikipedia? Ok. I wondered about it and how it could be used so I bought some this week without much intention other than to see if it could be substituted for Sweet Vermouth. Coincidentally Rowen posted about the Hanky Panky and he linked to Erik's post about the same drink and so I thought, "Why not use Wincarnis in a Hanky Panky?" So I made one with the Wincarnis (that's Latin kids, pronounce the W as a V) to Fogged In Lounge proportions. I was unsure of whether Wincarnis was really a good sub for Punt e Mes and wondered whether it was more a sub for Dubonnet. A sub for Dubonnet or perhaps Bonal? So, being the cocktailblog reader I am I searched Cocktail Virgin Slut for Bonal and what popped up first? Hanky Panky! I laughed. So here is my take. Like a hole in the head...

Hanky Panky 
2 oz Bombay Gin 
1 oz Wincarnis 
1/2 tsp Fernet-Branca 
stir over ice. strain. up. lemon peel (because I'm a contrarian and have no oranges)



Rowen said…
Frederic has blogged all of the cocktails. And he has yet to blog them all. Don’t ask me how it’s done—don’t have the physics.
Wait a minute...

Did you just stretch the hell out of a "Hokey Pokey" reference to a post about the Hanky Panky? Don't think you can get shit like this by me, bro...
Dagreb said…
I am continually baffled by Fred and his liver.
That's what it's all about!

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