Winter Warmup

Whilst browsing the web looking for a homemade hot chocolate recipe I came across several that were varitions on instant hot choclate. (You know, mix in a packet to which one adds hot water). Finding neither the ingredient list nor the volume of the recipe appealing I decided to make my own spin.

Getting rid of the extraneous ingredients I came up with this:

Hot Cocoa
6 tbsp powdered sugar
3 tbsp cocoa 
milk (or cream)


Combine the sugar and cocoa in a mug. Just cover with milk (or cream) and whisk into a paste.  Top with boiled water.  Whisk again to combine.  Enjoy! 


I always get irritated when people seem to forget that hot chocolate is vastly improved with the addition of some sort of dairy.
Dagreb said…
It can also be improved with booze. :)

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