One For The Road

Supposedly the title phrase was about giving a drink to a prisoner on his way to the gallows.  I'm sure I read that somewhere but couldn't find it in my reference books.  Let's just say I'm correct. 

Alright, one last alcohol post before we move on to soft drinks. (Aha!)  I foolishly thought a mixture of 151 rum and syrup would freeze. It doesn't, well not really.  Anyway let me tell you what I was going to do and then we'll move on to what I did do. I was going to call my falernum "metric falernum" and then invent a drink called Gimme Sympathy or something like that.  I changed my mind. 

The usual format for a falernum blog post is to explain what it is, possibly including a personal anecdote about tiki something-or-other; provide the recipe for falernum; include a picture of one or more of the steps; include a cocktail recipe showcasing falernum; then either invite challenge readers to make their own or claim you will give some away.  I'm not going to do that, entirely. 

Originally I was thinking of "metric falernum" as in metric ton, but the conversions got a little wacky.  So I thought about multiples of ten, and I sort of stuck with it. I ultimately decided against "metric falernum" because, really, the recipe (which sadly isn't on the new site) for Dr. A Elmegirab's is metric in the final analysis.  That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Frozen Falernum
150mL Brugal 151
10 limes
100g  ginger
50 cloves
25g almonds
400mL 2:1 simple syrup

Zest limes, julienne ginger, toast almonds, macerate 24 hours in rum; Squeeze and strain through your fingers, combine with syrup; Make one or two cocktails; Put remainder in the freezer for who knows when. (Makes aprox. 500mL)

So, having not experienced falernum before I'm unsure if I did this right, but I like it.  It's currently in the freezer waiting, just waiting...

I did make a Rum Swizzle (as I had only silver rum on hand) and a slight variation on a Wicked Wahine.


ps I made some Lazy Pimento Dram too.  You don't want that recipe too do you?


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