The Summer That Wasn't

What's that line from John Lennon? Life is what happens when you're busy making other plans.

So the summer was most definitely summer. It was hot. I won't go on about the heat, you've probably heard enough of that already. What it wasn't was (were?) two things I thought it would be. Or rather two things I thought would happen.

The first thing is related to my flickr project: Coffee 365. I thought when I began the project that there would come a day when i would photograph some iced coffee. Not just any iced coffee mind you. Iced coffee in a plastic cup, on top of an outdoor table, glistening in the sun. This did not happen. In fact I had very little iced coffee this summer. I only just last week had a couple from a coffee shop. All previous ones had been homemade.

The second thing is perhaps more than one thing. It might be three things, we'll see. I thought I would continue slaking my thirst with Sloppy Joe after Sloppy Joe (Only one per sitting though). In fact shortly after I commented on Kaiser Penguins Lurker blog about it I stopped drinking them. Strange. I thought we might make our own spiced rum. This also did not happen. I had resigned myself to the fact that i was not going to make orgeat or falernum and that if I was going to buy some it would be online and would be shipped to me/us from far away. I had a few tiki-ish concoctions made of rum lime juice ouzo (the only anise in the house) brandy curacao and whatnot (I think whatnot is bitters and or nutmeg). So there I was thinking that tiki was just something I could read about...


Keep going.


I came across Orzata on a grocery shelf. Not a local shelf mind you. One in Burlington, at a Fortinos, this past weekend! The orzata was on sale too! Greatly on sale. $1.62! There was another brand available for about 20 cents more but I opted for the Gioia brand. (In retrospect I should have bought both for comparison purposes). So, last night a Mai Ta was had! Finally! The only dark rum in the house being Goslings meant that the Mai Tai tasted almost exactly like a Bermuda rum swizzle. When one compares the recipes it looks like they should be discrete drinks. (For the record the swizzles we've had have been from a mix). Ah, now if only I can find falernum marked down for clearance. ;)


Anonymous said…
good points and the details are more specific than somewhere else, thanks.

- Norman

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