The Kaiser

So, where was I?

I had discovered some cocktail recipes and some tikiwares. I couldn't find orgeat or falernum locally so I decided I would search for recipes. I discovered Kaiser Penguin. Then I forgot what the site was called. So, I searched again for homemade orgeat. I found the Penguin again. I read a few of the posts and realised I didn't have the breadth of bottles in my bar to make these drinks. Oh well...

I followed a few links. I read up on tiki and Don the Beachcomber and Jeff "Beachbum" Berry. I continued looking at mugs and rums and bitters and such that I couldn't afford. One of the links I followed was to Rumdood. Aha! Non brand specific cocktail recipes. Excellent!

Meanwhile... I had been wanting to expand my cocktail horizons. Not a great expansion, just a slight one. The Sloppy Joe peaked my interest while I was skimming through Charles Schumann's American Bar, the Malcolm Lowry also caught my attention. I've made a few, it's basically a margarita on the rocks with the additon of some white rum. The Scorpion caught my attention too. I made one one night. It could have been better. I think fresh orange juice would have helped. Somehow in my tiki reading I had missed the Scorpion. My subsequent research led me to believe that it is a cocktail recommended for a crowd not for one!

Anyway, i made a scorpion again another night, then I had a Sloppy Joe and found it very refreshing. Refreshing like lemonade is refreshing. So, the Sloppy Joe has replaced the Sidecar as my lime-curacao-I'm-thirsty libation. At this rate we'll finally use up the white vermouth! ;)


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