We aren't hoarders per se. Not like on that A&E show. Packrats maybe. We're messy too. It's not that we don't understand cleaning, purging and organising. We'd just rather sit on the couch and watch tv after a long day. Who wouldn't? Anyway, we had some assistance tonight. It's much easier when someone is directing the clean-up/purge. It really doesn't take that much time, or at least it doesn't need to. One room at a time. We started with the spare bedroom. It has really been used more as a storage room. This is the beginning of the change. What was the cost, really? We saw two fewer Friends reruns? Probably. I'm tired now though....

Good thing it's garbage night, the stuff we're throwing out is already at the curb. The things we're giving away are already in the back of the car. Ahh... There is a floor in there!



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