Once upon a time there were events know as Neckropolis. These events happened at the X Club in Hamilton. At one such event Malhavoc performed. Anyway... I was reading one of my journals from my teenage years. It related the story (sort of) of this particular Neckropolis. Something I had written and forgotten about made me chuckle. My friend Spaghetti Man and I tried to get in as siamese twins, thus saving the cover charge that one of us would pay. The ticket takers didn't go for it. We had somehow managed to both wear the same shirt at the same time, I don't recall exactly how this was accomplished. Anyway, we both had to pay admission. According to my journal entry I actually had to pay for both of us. The charge was $5 (the usual for such events was $3). So i was out $10 I suppose. The reason I had to pay was that Spaghetti Man only had $1. Honestly, who goes out with only one dollar? This is what made me chuckle. Did he intend to mooch his admission? Was he going to do something else if he couldn't get in? I don't know. It seems like an odd situation to get oneself in to. I have a theory though....

In my journal I made no mention of any agreement made whilst we were in line to get in. It is likely though that I told Spaghetti Man I would pay for his admission if our siamese twin scam didn't work. He was also amongst a group who purchased some (illegal) herb from a strange gentleman who was in line but left after selling his wares. (Really, he was strange, more on that later). I suspect that Spaghetti Man had just enough to get in to the show and after the joint purchase (ooh bad unintentional pun) he was a little short. Four dollars short as it turned out. Anyway I have fond memories of the evening and do think it strange to go out to a show/club with only one dollar. Ha ha ha.

Okay, the strange guy. As I recall he was middle aged and had a greying beard. He was wearing a light coloured suit, somewhere between Col Sanders and Matlock. He had loafers and no socks and was at first only willing to part with some of his product. If the evening were a movie I think he would have disappeared in a flash of light once he had rounded the corner. Odd.

I was told afterward that the herb was not good. I cannot confirm or deny this.


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