Facial Recog

I've touched on this in the past. I uploaded a photo of myself to find our who my "celebrity look-a-likes" were. I did not agree with the results. I tried it again this morning. I tried with three photos. One of how I probably really look, one of how I like to think I look and one that falls in to the do-I-really-look-like-that category. There were no overlapping results. None. I think it is more about facial expression recognition, and possibly head position recognition than actual facial recognition. (What do you expect for free on the internet?) While not agreeing with all the results I was surprised at the number of matches with famous women that my photos received. I think it's because my eyes are close together. Typically womens eyes are closer together than mens. I guess mens head are usually a little wider. Anyway, I prefer to think I look more like Rock Hudson (or even Oliver Stone) than I look like Neko Case. Not that there's anything wrong with how Neko Case looks. :)


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