It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Holiday Shopping

So, we bought a tree. We then discovered that it was not lighted as we had thought. Back that tree will go. We bought a replacement tree, and outdoor lights, and tree decorations, and a wreath for the door, and a ladder with which to put up the lights. A ladder, it turns out, that isn't tall enough to reach the tallest part of the house. Hmmmmm..... I'll think of something.

There we were, along with everyone else, going up and down the aisles. Hoping to get everything we needed before the weather turned. And turn it did. Though it was after dark before the precipitation began. Stringing up the lights was done in the relative mild be comparison. Who knows what tomorrow will bring.

Currently "they" say:

Current Weather

Updated:Sunday Nov 25 2007,21:00 EST- London Airport

Ice pellets



Ice pellets

And forecast:

Cloudy with showers A few showers Rain Rain or snow
Temperature 2°C 2°C 5°C 4°C
Cloudy with showers
A few showers
Rain or snow
P.O.P. 40% 40% 90% 80%
Feels Like -2 -2 - 0
Wind SW 15km/h SW 15km/h SE 10km/h N 15km/h
Humidity 84% 99% 95% 91%
Rain less than 1mm close to 1mm 5-10mm 1-3mm
Snow - - - 1-3cm

From Sunday Overnight to Monday Evening we expect 1-3cm of snow and 10-15mm of rain.

The Squirrel

I noticed recently some tracks in the snow on the deck. At first I thought they belonged to a bunny. Upon further inspection i was afraid they belonged to a raccoon. It turns out they belong to a squirrel. One of the fat-bottom squirrels that are common in our neighbourhood. I saw him/her scamper out of the garage. You see, the rear garage door does not come all the way down to the ground. There is enough room for a small critter to get through. i knew this already. I once put a nearly full tub of ice cream in the garbage in the garage. The next day there was a shredded bag and no more ice cream. Lesson learned, foodstuffs go in the bin. Having said that i didn't think much of chubby squirrel coming out of the garage. Until i went to put the ladder away that is. The squirrel has chewed away part of a golf bag.


I'm not sure if he thought the head-covers were trapped relatives, or if he thought it looked like a good place to sleep or what exactly. Suffice it to say, the weather proofing capabilities of the golf bag cover are severely compromised. I have since barricaded the door and reinforced it with eavestrough guck and mothballs. That ought to work.

If it is slippery tomorrow we have new tires and brakes, so we should be okay. We also have one old tire to boot (pun intended) but that can wait for another day....


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