Alright, let's get something out of the way. It is Hallowe'en. Despite what spell checkers and search engines will have you believe, it's Hallowe'en. Not halloween. Got it? Good.

Having said that (and realizing that language/spelling is an ongoing fluid thing) It wasn't much of one. Not hear anyway. At work we had nearly 100% of staff in costume, lot's of fun. Last night I decorated the house. Cobwebs on the bushes, a phony tombstone, carved two Jack O'Lanterns, skulls on stakes in the lawn. Lot's of fun. Tonight we bought extra candy (just in case), and ordered Chinese food so as not to be occupied with cooking, also lot's of fun. We had twenty-one trick-or-treaters. :-|


That's it.

Not fun.


Not that kind of boo, Boooo!

Maybe it's the lack of time change. Maybe it's the lone house on the block giving out candy, perhaps it's the busy street. Twenty-one!? Last year (at the condo) was slow, we only had about 50. Our first year there we ran out of candy, turned out the lights and went to the horse track. Twenty-one. Sheesh. I was going to wear my costume while giving out candy. I took it off for dinner, and never put it back on. For the first time since living in an apartment building we made it through our entire Hallowe'en dinner without having to answer the door.


Maybe next year..........


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