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In keeping with the last blogs theme, tonight i saw this:

A teenage girl riding a bike while carrying a 6 pack of toilet her mouth! What's with my neighbourhood?

Anyway, lately i've been checking out custom/boutique and DIY fx pedals. Much like those found here. And here. This reminded me that i have a second printing of Craig Anderton's "Electronic Projects for Musicians". I read through it briefly. Methinks some manufacturers are using schematics from this book. No big surprise, just the age old DIY vs paying someone to do it for you sort of thing. Y'know.

So, about sushi.....

Fast Food vs Art Food

We went for sushi recently. Not all you can eat. Oh my. We came to the realizations that we've been eating fast food sushi. In a place with plastic plates. It was nice to see crockery again. It was the best sushi we've had in a long time. Beautifully presented too. And we got to take our leftovers home at no extra charge ;)

Well, i guess that wasn't so hard :)


Anonymous said…
A sixpack of toilet tissue in her mouth? I have trouble wresting the toilet tissue from the car into the house. Mind you I buy a 24 pack.
I was visiting a sibling many, many years ago and she had run out of bath soap. "How can you run out of bath soap?" I thought derisevly (sic). Now I know. Adult life ain't easy.

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