MxMo Seventy Six: FIRE!!

It's Mixology Monday time again. This time our host is Muse of Doom of Feu De Vie. The theme is fire. Let's play with fire begin:

Many years ago I received as a gift a cocktail book called The Complete Book Of Mixed Drinks. No, not 
this book. A different book. Possibly a semi-promotional book funded by Seagram's and sold in Australia. Possibly. For a time some recipes appeared verbatim on This last fact may still be the case or it may not. I didn't check. Anyway, amongst the typos and wrong photos and general oddness there was one drink in particular that struck me as really odd. The drink itself is pretty straight forward and tasty. The garnish of grated chocolate seems plausible enough but the second garnish is a horse of a different colour! I will give you my version then we'll move on to the verbatim version.

Cafe Nero
1oz galliano

Warm galliano and place in a warmed 5 oz cocktail glass. (The warming is key. Without it I had to spike the Galliano to up its proof in order for intro light). Swirl to coat glass. Sprinkle sugar over liqueur. Light galliano on fire! Slowly pour hot coffee into glass. (The flames should continue buring until you've nearly filled the glass). Top with cream or whipped cream.

And now the best part! It's not nearly as much fun as you think it's going to be but it's absurdity more than makes up for it:

Serve with a saucer of marshmallows.

Yeah, you read that right. Marshmallows. The little ones. The little pastel coloured ones. Here's the original recipe from the book:

Thank you Muse Of Doom. Thank you Fred Yarm. Thank you Paul Clarke. 





Muse of Doom said…
Just wanted to throw a shout-out here: for however simple the construction, it's delicious with a lot of nice presentation pizzazz too!

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