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 When last I posted it was about La Florida .  I subsequently made a Papa Dobles and while I contemplated how to present that drink to you - you see, It isn't an indexed drink in Beachbum Berry's Grog Log it is merely a footnote on page 47 with inexact measurements - I continued making drinks and taking photos and writing notes. Then I moved on to drinks from Intoxica!  and other sources and because of how behind I'd gotten with Grog Blogging I left it alone.  That changes today! If you'd like to see photos of drinks please check out my Flickr . The photos go until Astro Aku Aku .  The notes go a little farther ( or is it further? ).  I'll tell you this much about the Port Light:  as written in Grog Log it's too sweet and overpowers the bourbon. The same is true of the Scotch version, the Starboard Light.  I had wanted to enjoy both these drinks and found them disappointing.  My disappointment coupled with my quandary about the Papa Dobles may be why dust has s

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